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'Vittorio Santoro Pulleys, I & The Supposed Half of a Day &...', published by Galerie Thomas Bernard-Cortex Athletico, Paris, 2016, 82 pages, all images in colour. Texts by Monika Marczuk, Manuel Cirauqui et Vittorio Santoro; French/English (Monography)

'Vittorio Santoro Until Nothing Happens, I-V par Pierre Vialle'
, published by Out Of The Dark, Zurich and Maison des Arts de Malakoff, Paris, 2016, 8 pages with 5 images insert. Text F/E (artist brochure)

Vittorio Santoro '108 Minutes A Day (Gagarin)'
, published by MoCA Shanghai, Shanghai, 2015. Text Chinese/Engl.
(artist catalogue)

Vittorio Santoro 'In/Voluntary Movement Diagram (Josef K) And Related Works', published by Out Of The Dark, Zurich, 2014/
Dublin, 2015. Text E (artist catalogue)

Vittorio Santoro 'Four Speakers' Corners, I'
, self published, Paris, 2014. Text F (artist brochure)

Vittorio Santoro 'D(a)edalus, My Father's Horse, Taken From The Mill, A Tourné En Round Autour D'une Statue de...', Les presses du réel, Dijon, 2012. Texts French/English (monography)

Vittorio Santoro 'Silence Destroys Consequences', a limited edition book published by Yvon Lambert, Paris, 2012, 120 pages.
Texts F (artist book)

Vittorio Santoro 'Man Leaving Harbour on a Ship (in a Room)', self published, Paris, 2010 (artist book)

Vittorio Santoro 'Everything’s Not Lost', Revolver Verlag, Frankfurt a. Main, 2006. Texts German/French/English (monography)

Vittorio Santoro 'It’s all in your mind / C’est tout dans ma tête', Memory/Cage Editions, Zurich, 2003. Texts F/E/G (artist book)

Vittorio Santoro 'Imagine. You are Landing'. Memory/Cage Editions, Zurich, 2000. Text E (artist book)

RWWM, (collaboration with Robert Wilson), Memory/Cage Editions, Zurich, 1997. Texts E (artist book)

Vittorio Santoro 'Untitled (Train)', 12 Photographs for a room, Memory/Cage Editions, Zurich, 1997. Text E/G (artist book)

Vittorio Santoro 'The Time of Friendship', (collaboration with Paul Bowles), Memory/Cage Editions, Zurich, 1995. Texts E 
(artist book)

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